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7 March 2017 Museum Reconstruction - Part 6

By: Graham Iddon

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So how’s the Bank of Canada Museum progressing? Everything seems to be ticking along just fine, thanks.
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8 February 2017 Unpacking the Collection 4

By: Paul S. Berry

Japan 2016 - carousel
Often referred to as “bookmark money” because of their narrow, vertical format, Japanese hansatsu were among the world’s most distinctive currencies.
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24 January 2017 Participating in Audience Research

By: Graham Iddon

Carousel - Participating in Audience Research
Like us at the Bank of Canada Museum, the Canada Science and Technology Museum will be opening a completely redesigned facility in 2017.
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13 January 2017 Museum Reconstruction - Part 5

We are very happy to introduce to you our shiny new logo. Hooray!
Here it is, our new identity
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Closed for Renovation

The Bank of Canada Museum is currently closed to the public and will reopen in the summer of 2017.

Learn more about the closure.


Complete Commemorative Note Series

Since issuing its first series of bank notes in 1935, the Bank of Canada has issued three commemorative bank notes. Each commemorative note marks an important milestone for the reigning monarch or a defining moment in Canadian history.

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Collection Highlights

25 June 2014 5 Cents: Canada, 1943

The beaver briefly disappeared from our nickel during World War II. So did the nickel typically used in minting the coin, a consequence of wartime rationing of the metal.

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Bank of canada - Night

The New Building Project

Much more than replacing the linoleum and painting the kitchen, the construction team has begun construction on a new space for new ideas and new audiences−for the Bank of Canada Museum.

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Travelling Exhibitions

During renovations, you can’t come to us, so we’ll just have to come to you. Welcome to our travelling exhibitions program – our way of keeping our metaphorical doors open while the actual doors are closed.

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Search the Collection

Looking for specific items in our Collection? Here you will be able to access all of the items in our Collection that have been digitized so far.

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