Without exhibitions, a museum is just a gift shop and washrooms. As that would be dull material for a website, we think you might find browsing through our image galleries of past, travelling and special exhibitions a little more interesting. And please take a look at our permanent galleries as well.

Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibitions are the heart of the Museum. They tell the stories we want our audience to hear. Our permanent exhibitions are unique and the story is yours.

Special Exhibitions

Whether they are from other institutions or our own exhibition team, special exhibitions are what keep a museum fresh. See what’s on now for the Bank of Canada Museum.

Travelling Exhibitions

The Bank of Canada Museum is hitting the road! Check out our travelling exhibitions in a city near you.

Past Exhibitions

What happens at the Bank of Canada Museum stays at the Museum, right? Wrong. You can still visit our previous exhibitions, from as far back as 2009.

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON