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21 May 2015 New Acquisitions

By: Raewyn Passmore

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Everyone loves getting presents, and we’re no exception. We recently received a very exciting donation of 50 silver coins. The collection was purchased in Lima, Peru, at an estate sale in the 1950s.
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6 May 2015 Alex Colville at the AGO

By: Graham Iddon

Young woman looking through binoculars
Alex Colville is a very broad retrospective that covers Colville’s entire career from before the Second World War until his final paintings of his lifelong muse, model and beloved wife Rhoda.
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23 April 2015 Introducing the Wessex Gallery

By: Caroline Roberts

Carousel Salisbury Museum
While coming to grips with the complexity surrounding the planning of new exhibitions for today’s world, it was inspiring to come across a magnificent example of a substantial collection taking on a new life.
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6 April 2015 The Adventure of Exhibit Planning IX

By: Graham Iddon

Carousel - The Adventure of Exhibit Planning IX
Our little team from the Museum stood in the education space of the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum on a chill November morning while the exhibition technicians assembled our finished exhibition. Yes, finished.
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Closed for Renovation

The Bank of Canada Museum is currently closed to the public and will reopen in 2017.

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Collection Highlights

25 June 2014 5 Cents: Canada, 1943

The beaver briefly disappeared from our nickel during World War II. So did the nickel typically used in minting the coin, a consequence of wartime rationing of the metal.

25 June 2014 1 Cent, Framed: Canada, 1908

In January of 1908, Countess Grey, wife of the Governor General, inaugurated the new Canadian branch plant of the Royal Mint by ceremonially striking a one-cent piece- the first produced in Canada.

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Bank of canada - Night

The New Building Project

Much more than replacing the linoleum and painting the kitchen, the construction team has begun construction on a new space for new ideas and new audiences−for the Bank of Canada Museum.

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Travelling Exhibitions

During renovations, you can’t come to us, so we’ll just have to come to you. Welcome to our travelling exhibitions program – our way of keeping our metaphorical doors open while the actual doors are closed.

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Search the Collection

Looking for specific items in our Collection? Here you will be able to access all of the items in our Collection that have been digitized so far.

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