Notice of Temporary Closure

In a pre-emptive measure to protect visitors and staff from potential exposure to COVID-19, the Bank of Canada Museum has temporarily closed to the public and suspended all public programming.

Summer Camps at the Museum

Bring your camp crew to the Bank of Canada Museum this summer. We offer customizable programs for kids of all ages. They’re fun, they’re educational, and they’re free.

Each program is 30 minutes long, so you can mix and match to plan the perfect day for your group. We can even provide a space for lunch, subject to availability.

Not sure which program to choose? Looking for something else? Contact us for more information and to let us help you plan the perfect experience for your group.

Book now: or 613-782-8914.

All ages

Guided Museum tours

Can learning about the economy be fun? Of course it can! With games, videos and fascinating artifacts, campers will learn about the Bank’s role in the economy.

Guided tour of Luck and Lore exhibition

Why print fake money only to burn it? Why toss a coin into a fountain? Let our guides introduce your summer crew to our current exhibition. It’s about the ways we use money to bring about good fortune—but not by spending it.

Ages 8–12

Surprise, It’s Money! program

This program is a hands-on exploration of the strange objects that were once used as money—a great way to understand how currency works and why we use bank notes today. The kids will use nearly all of their senses, but no licking, please.

Scavenger hunt

Let your campers explore the Museum on their own with this interactive scavenger hunt. They’ll look closely at some amazing objects, unravel the mysteries of the economy and reflect on their favourite parts of the experience.

Time Scavengers program

Whether beans or coins, all forms of money have the same purpose. In this program, send the kids on a hunt to discover artifacts that show the key features of money. Then they’ll learn how those same features are still a part of our latest bank notes.

Ages 5–7

Time Scavengers Junior program

Send your smaller scavengers on a mission to hunt through the Museum to discover what has made money work over time. The campers will be able to touch and feel unusual items and discover their connection to the money we use today.

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Ottawa, ON
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