March Break at the Museum

Share part of your March Break with us at the Museum. Drop in for free family activities about counterfeiting and how our bank notes are designed to prevent it or check out our online activities.

March Break 2024: March 4 to 15
We’re open every day, including Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10:00 to 17:00. Plan your visit.

March 7–12

Counterfeiting: learn from the experts

Explore the security features that keep our bank notes safe from counterfeiters with members of the Bank’s currency team. They’ll teach you to spot a fake for yourself! Stop by the kiosk, 11am–3pm.

March 4–15

Real or fake?

Compare fake currency with the real thing from around the world—and throughout history. Guess which is which while we share some fascinating stories.

Testing polymer

Our “paper money” is made of polymer plastic. Compare its durability to cotton paper with hands-on soaking, staining and tearing tests.

Drawing with coin rubbings

Place coins under paper and gently rub a crayon across them to reveal all their details. Arrange the rubbings into magical landscapes, trees or whatever you like.

I spy Canadian symbols

Grab a magnifying glass and a checklist and head into the Museum to find Canadian symbols on bank notes new and old. Find them all, win a prize!

Online activities

Avatar market

Practice making financial decisions by buying clothing and accessories for avatar puppets.

Growing your savings

Start a conversation with your child about setting financial goals and deciding how to achieve them. Then have some fun with a paper plant they can “grow” to track their progress.

Needs or wants? That is the question!

Do you need it, or do you want it? That’s an important question to ask before buying anything. This activity is designed to teach kids how to prioritize their needs and wants, and how to make informed choices when shopping.

A collage of cartoon characters, paper play money, pencils and scissors.

Printable play money

Practise counting and exchanging coins and bank notes with our printable play money.

Your role in the Canadian economy

Play our game to discover how your economic profile compares with those of other Canadians. Explore population and employment data and spending habits across different regions.

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