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Global Money Week

Check out our elementary and secondary resources.

Elementary resources

Avatar market

Practice making financial decisions by buying clothing and accessories for avatar puppets.

Counting money and making change

Introduce your Grade 2 students to counting money and forming change combinations. Use these four sets of money math activities individually or in the order listed in this lesson.

Hands filling out a form on a table with art supplies and paper play money.

Exploring coins and bank notes

Explore Canadian money with young learners using our printable worksheets.

Needs or wants? That is the question!

Do you need it, or do you want it? That’s an important question to ask before buying anything. This activity is designed to teach kids how to prioritize their needs and wants, and how to make informed choices when shopping.

A collage of cartoon characters, paper play money, pencils and scissors.

Printable play money

Practise counting and exchanging coins and bank notes with our printable play money.

Representing money in many ways: Addition, fractions and equivalents

Help your Grade 3 students make change, understand fractions and represent money in different ways. Use these activities individually or in the order listed in this lesson.

Secondary resources

Your role in the Canadian economy

Play our game to discover how your economic profile compares with those of other Canadians. Explore population and employment data and spending habits across different regions.

Canada and the global economy

Explore Canada’s connections to the global economy. Adjust timelines and filters in our online game to view historical data of gross domestic product, trade, foreign investment and immigration.

Price check: Inflation in Canada

All about inflation: what it is, what it means and how it's measured. Students will learn how the consumer price index is calculated and create their own student price index to measure the prices that matter most to them.

Video discussion guides

Facilitate discussion on our economic videos with these guides.

Photo collage, old bank notes and coins, gold nuggets and a computer component.

The true value of money

What is money—when you really stop to think about it? To understand how money works, and what it ultimately represents, we need to strip it down to its very basic function.

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