Permanent Exhibition

It’s why we’re here

It’s the big idea of every museum, the main message, the lead story. The permanent exhibition is the heart of your Bank of Canada Museum visit and we’ve designed it as a journey that takes you from an understanding of your role in the economy to a broader understanding of Canada’s role in the world economy and how the Bank helps it all run smoothly. Getting there is, of course, half the fun and here are a few attractions you’ll see along the route.

  • Let your fingers do the walking through 400 artifacts on our huge digital touch wall.
  • Discover the psychology of economic expectations as reflected by your own needs and spending habits.
  • Navigate the economic galaxy to land on target.
  • Understand the Bank’s role in our economy and how it affects you.
  • Explore several millennia of money from all over the globe.
  • Take pride in the beauty and sophistication of every Bank of Canada bank note and even design your own.
  • Relax and enjoy a multimedia show stopper that brings it all together.

Photo Gallery

doorway of Museum

Our new street level entrance is at the corner of Bank and Wellington Streets. Your visit begins here.

glass wall & reception sign

The reception area is where our visitor services are available and where you’ll always find a friendly, helpful face.

visitors interacting with a digital wall

Browsing through the artifacts on one of Canada’s largest interactive digital touch walls; a fun start.

sign describing Bank’s role

Part of the Museum’s mandate is to help Canadians become familiar with what the Bank does for the economy.

visitor typing on a touch screen

Visitors create a little cartoon avatar as well as a nickname that will appear on interactive screens throughout the Museum.

two young people at a digital terminal

Discovering your expectations of future spending in Zone 2: a basic starting point for understanding the Bank.

kids at a touch panel

Visitors explore Canada’s economy, trading partners and some economic history at this absorbing station.

visitor at museum case

World economic history and the history of the Bank of Canada cover a whole wall of Zone 3.

child at video game station

Flying the 2 per cent rocket through a galaxy of economic forces—harder than it looks.

visitor at interactive station

Putting liquidity where its needed by routing money from the Bank to commercial banks.

young man working on touch panel

Making your own bank note in Zone 5.

two young ladies in a futuristic setting

Saying good-bye to your avatar is hard to do as you finish your Bank of Canada Museum visit.

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON