Road Trip!

10 September 2012 - 31 March 2013

Museum visitors hopped on a bus, tuned up their old camper vans, or hitched a ride to take a virtual road trip down (or up) the Trans-Canada Highway. They travelled through time, past economic troubles into bright futures, through energy and mortgage crises, and back into times of stability. The Bank of Canada was with them all the way—driving the macroeconomic bus!

This “roadside” exhibition was displayed in the Garden Court of the Bank of Canada.


Photo Gallery


Road Trip! was set up in the Garden Court atrium of the Bank of Canada head office.

Illustrated car

Some great trompe l’oeil—The VW van was a 2 dimensional panel.

Road sign

Some of the road signs looked real.


All the panels were set up on road sign bases.

Building atrium

The old Currency Museum entrance was on the left.

Museum panel

The introductory panel.


It doesn’t matter which end you started your “trip”.

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON