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Just Add Milk!

27 June – 30 November 2008

Yes, there was a time when milk (and bread and butter) were delivered to your home. For some of us, that doesn’t seem so very long ago, but for most of us, that was a different era. This colourful exhibition of curiously shaped and widely varied milk tokens took visitors back to a time when a milkman and the rattle of bottles on your doorstep were a familiar part of every morning. The exhibition was a fresh, free, family-friendly activity; Just Add Milk!

Photo Gallery

Museum panel

Those of us who remembered milk delivery may also be familiar with the exhibition’s fun, retro design.

Museum panels

Most visitors needed a little background on the concept of a milk man and the agricultural economy before understanding milk tokens.

Museum panels

Tokens came in hundreds of designs and colours.

Museum panels

Though the Currency Museum was considered a nation museum, it still liked to appeal to its home audience.

Museum panel

A few simple interactives that got kids thinking.

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