Decoding E-money

26 September 2016 - 8 June 2019

Electronic money is not the future. It’s already here.

Visitors immersed themselves in the world of e-money, discovering how it fulfilled their needs and fitted into the evolution of money. They watched the voyage of their dollars from purchase to deposit through various traditional and e-payment systems. Cutting edge graphics and fun, interactive displays introduced them to the high-tech intricacies of Bitcoin and other web-based currencies while more than 60 artifacts covered the way Canadians have spent their money over the course of 200 years. From trading tokens to the most recent precursors of today’s e-money, these artifacts at one time challenged our notions of acceptance much the way that Bitcoin challenges us today.


Watch our educational video on What are Cryptocurrencies?

Photo Gallery

multicoloured museum panel with animated LED sign

The title on our introductory panel appeared in both languages on an animated LED text light; like at a stock exchange.

two boys manipulating a digital touch panel

The timeline touch panel was fun to manipulate and featured dozens of compelling images and facts.

Our timeline followed e-money’s significant events from its roots in the 1950s through its development and current forms.

boy standing at a set of touch screens and a large route map

From the shop counter to the merchant’s bank, what route does your dollar take when you choose a form of payment?

a “subway” system map of the Canadian payment system

You chose any of six payment methods, touched the button and watched the lights take you on a trip through our financial system.

museum text panels, digital touch panels and large route map

Touch panels allowed visitors to discover in detail the functions and purposes of the “stations” on the payment system map.

a group of kids sitting in front of a large digital display panel

A fun and informative true or false game tested your knowledge of e-money while it revealed some surprising facts.

museum display units with coins and bank notes

Over 60 artifacts represented currency that, like e-money, was a challenge for Canadians to accept.

museum panel with brightly coloured infographics

The conclusion panel tied together the exhibition with some impressive infographics about how we spend our money.

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON