The Canada 150 Bank Note: Making History

1 July 2017 - 29 January 2018

A very special bank note deserved a special exhibition!

Every visual element on the $10 commemorative bank note was carefully chosen to honour the 150th anniversary of Confederation. It showcased key elements of Canada’s history, our diverse culture and the rugged splendour of our land. Figures from our history, the architecture of the Parliament buildings, original works of art and photographs were just some of the inspirations for the design of this one-of-a-kind note.

This special exhibition, located in Gallery 1 of the Bank of Canada Museum, gave visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the art and technology that went into creating this special bank note.

Photo Gallery

museum case containing the Canada 150 bank note display

This display, in Gallery 1 of the Bank of Canada Museum, took you through many of the phases of producing the Canada 150 bank note.

Inuit print of an owl and flowers

This stone-cut and stencil print was rendered as a metallic image with holographic effects in the large window.

printing plate, front of the note

An image was laser engraved onto thin nickel and chrome plates that were mounted onto a cylinder for printing.

woven, multicoloured sash

The Assomption or arrow sash is an important cultural symbol of the Métis people and a significant part of French-Canadian tradition.

pot of specialized metallic ink

Special ink was used to print the dynamic, colour-shifting arch—a security feature on Canadian bank notes.

foil imagery for the large window

The metallic foil in the large window was applied to the plain polymer before printing.

glass plate with ink samples

The intaglio ink palette for this note: intaglio printing gave a relief texture to features like the portraits and the landscape panels on the back.

printed sheet of Canada 150 bank notes

Bank notes were printed on polymer sheets in rows of five and columns of nine.

The Canada 150 Commemorative Bank Note

Unveiled on 7 April 2017, this unique bank note celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation.

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON