Canadian Journey Series $50 Note

Issued in November 2004, the $50 note features a portrait of Prime Minister Mackenzie King produced in Germany by Giesecke & Devrient (a security printer with subsidiaries around the world and parent company of BA International Inc.) using a computer-assisted engraving process. This was the first time such a process was used to engrave the portrait on a Canadian bank note, although elements of earlier notes in the series had been produced this way. The Peace Tower appears in the centre of the note. The back of the note illustrates the theme of Nation Building and features the accomplishments of women who campaigned for equal rights and social justice. Depicted is the statue of the Famous Five that can be seen on Parliament Hill and in Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta, as well as the Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award medallion. The featured quotation is from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first draft of which was written by New Brunswick’s John Peters Humphrey.

At A Glance

152mm (Horizontal) x 70mm (Vertical)
Canadian Journey series (Subject)
William Lyon Mackenzie King - prime minister - government (Subject Face)

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30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON