Canadian Journey Series $5 Note

The $5 note, issued in March 2002, was the second in the series. The face features a portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier produced by the noted Swedish engraver Czeslaw Slania and a vignette of the West Block of the Parliament Buildings. All notes in the series feature a stylized Maple Leaf flag in the top right-hand corner. The back of the note celebrates the theme Children at Play with images of children skating, tobogganing, and playing hockey. A quotation from The Hockey Sweater by Canadian author Roch Carrier is also featured.

The enhanced $5 note, issued in November 2006, carries the same security features as the rest of the notes in the series.



At A Glance

152mm (Horizontal) x 70mm (Vertical)
Sir Wilfrid Laurier - prime minister - government (Subject Face)
Children at play (Subject Back)
Canadian Journey series (Subject)

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30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON