Canadian Journey Series $20 Note

The $20 note, issued in September 2004, features a portrait of the Queen based on a photograph taken in 2000 by Charles Green specifically for this note. The engraving was done by Jorge Peral and appears next to an illustration of the entrance to the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings. The theme of Arts and Culture is illustrated on the back by the artwork of Haida artist Bill Reid. Depicted from left to right are The Raven and the First Men, Haida Grizzly Bear, The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, and Mythic Messengers. The note also features a passage from La montagne secrète by Gabrielle Roy and its English translation by Harry Binsse.

At A Glance

152mm (Horizontal) x 70mm (Vertical)
Canadian Journey series (Subject)
Elizabeth II - queen - monarchy (Subject Face)

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30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON