Canadian Journey Series $100 Note

The portrait of Sir Robert Borden on the $100 note was engraved by Czeslaw Slania, based on a watercolour by Jorge Peral. Beside the portrait is a depiction of the entrance to the East Block of the Parliament Buildings. On the back of the note, the theme of Exploration and Innovation is illustrated with images of achievements in cartography and communications. A 1632 map created by Samuel de Champlain is paired with a birchbark canoe, and a satellite image of Canada lies between a telecommunications antenna and a Radarsat-1 satellite. Also featured are a quotation from Miriam Waddington’s poem, Jacques Cartier in Toronto and its French translation by Christine Klein-Lataud. This note was issued in March 2004.

At A Glance

152mm (W) x 69mm (H)
Sir Robert Borden - prime minister - government (Subject Face)
Exploration and Innovation (Subject Back)
Canadian Journey series (Subject)

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON