Birds of Canada Series $1000 Note

The note’s face features the Queen’s portrait. On her left is a view of the Parliament Buildings, showing the north side of the Centre Block with the Library of Parliament in the foreground. The Maple Leaf flag flies above the Peace Tower. The note was printed by Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd. Issued in May 1992, the $1,000 note was originally going to feature the spruce grouse on the back. In the end, however, this was considered too controversial because of the bird’s nickname “fool hen,” which derives from its habit of remaining motionless to avoid predators rather than fleeing. It was replaced by the pine grosbeak.

At A Glance

152mm (Horizontal) x 70mm (Vertical)
Elizabeth II - queen - monarchy (Subject Face)
Birds of Canada series (Subject)
Pine grosbeak - bird - animal (Subject Back)

More info

30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON