Scenes of Canada Series $10 Note

A portrait of Sir John A. Macdonald engraved by George Gundersen appears on the front of the $10 note. The back features the Polymer Corporation in Sarnia, Ontario. The image was engraved by De La Rue based on a photograph by George Hunter. A Bank memo states that the Polymer plant was chosen because, unlike most industries “carried on in buildings of massive simplicity,” it “provided detail ideally suited to engraving” and, as a profitable and innovative Crown Corporation, had “achieved a world-wide reputation.” The note was printed by Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd. and issued in November 1971.

At A Glance

153mm (Horizontal) x 70mm (Vertical)
Scenes of Canada series (Subject)
Sir John A. Macdonald - prime minister - government (Subject Face)
Replacement note (Subject)

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30 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON