We’re only as good as the company we keep.

We all need a little help from our friends and a museum is no exception. We find friends and partners in all sorts of places - some obvious, some may surprise you. Institutions that produce exhibitions with us and loan us artifacts or to whom we loan are traditional partners, but we also consider the museums, malls, civic centres and high schools who host our exhibits and borrow our outreach material to be our partners. Our partners are also libraries and archives, provincial bodies, economists, teachers, and private citizens from the numismatic community with whom we consult. Frankly, our visitors are partners too, but that would be a very long list, and anyway, you know who you are.

That said, we’re keen to make new partnerships. We are especially interested in partnering with educators. If you are part of an organization that believes we can benefit by working together, please drop us a line. This could be everything from just letting us know who you are and what you are all about to producing a full exhibit with us. Let’s face it, there’s no downside to getting to know as many potential partners as possible.