remembrance day at the museum

Drop into the Museum after the Remembrance Day Ceremony for some wartime economic history and activities.

Financing the First World War in Canada

During the First World War, it wasn’t just the population that got mobilized, so did the economy. Learn how we financed Canada’s war efforts while keeping the economy under control at home. Chief Curator Paul Berry gives a presentation on the economics of war: English at 13:00, French at 15:00, 30 minutes.

Self-guided Tours

Discover all the artifacts in the Museum that are related to war and remembrance with our Money During Times of War guide book. Noon until 17:00.

Postcards for Peace

Visitors can thank a vet on postcards provided by Veterans Affairs Canada. Later, they will be sent to veteran’s care homes.

Paper Coins

At the craft tables, kids can colour in coins of remembrance. Noon until 17:00.

On the Wall: Highlighting the First World War

Touch, swipe and search the Museum’s Digital Wall for artifacts related to the First World War.