On Canada Day it can get hot and busy on the Hill. Or rainy! Drop into the Museum for some cool, dry family activities. Learn about women on money, strike your own coin, fold a paper maple leaf and get a free treat—but you need to complete a task for that last one.


Women on Currency—The Trivia Challenge

We’ve placed a number of coins and bank notes on our digital touch-wall, each featuring a woman and noted with a question mark. But you need to read a trivia question about each to learn about these artifacts. Take your best guess and drag the image into a viewing area for the answer.

Strike Your Own Coin

Coin designer and maker Arthur Ishkaev will be with us at our Strike-Your-Own-Coin station. He has designed a custom coin for us and you will get to swing the hammer and strike one for yourself.

Canadian Origami

Make your own Canada Day souvenir at our origami station. Pick up some paper, follow the instructions and fold yourself a beautiful maple leaf. It will look like you made it from a bank note, but no, not a real one!

A Frozen Fruity Treat

Like every Canada Day at the Museum, we’re offering free frozen treats. But you have to work for them. In the galleries, find a bank note with a woman on it. Take a selfie with her. Show it to us and we’ll give you a treat.