Welcome to the Bank of Canada Museum.

“The what museum”? Yes, you heard right, we are bidding a fond farewell to the name that served us so well for over 30 years: the Currency Museum. The new name, the Bank of Canada Museum, was chosen months ago but we kept it a deep, dark secret until our new website went live. Which it just did…as you know…since you’re here. Welcome!

Rebuilding a website is no quick and simple task. But it was made quicker and simpler thanks to the immense amount of work the Bank put into redesigning its public website.

The new Bank of Canada website provides visitors with access to Bank content in an elegant format, quick and easy to use and available on multiple platforms. Our museum website is based on the same advanced framework as the Bank’s: sharing its intuitive and flexible navigational approach, responsive design and powerful search engine. Our Museum design team worked hand in hand with the Bank’s Web Communications stalwarts, finessing our special Museum-look with new colours and design themes, while the whole Museum team contributed to a new, richer content strategy.

As part of the Bank of Canada, we serve all of Canada. Getting this website up and running is a key element to help us to do just that and no matter where you are in the true north, you can explore what we have to offer. Eventually you will be able to check out all our exhibitions, search the collection database, read articles by our curators and browse an ever-expanding index of stories inspired by our artifacts –all reflecting our society’s curiously emotional and highly complex relationship with money. The blog will steam ahead as usual, featuring updates on the progress of the new museum and our travelling exhibition program as well as reports from our curators on their favourite artifacts and new acquisitions.

Like every new website, we are ever-evolving, so please visit us frequently and enjoy the journey of our new digital venture. Follow us on Twitter @BoCMuseum for content and blog updates. We promise to do our utmost to make it worth your while.

“Responsive design” means that the website will re-arrange itself automatically to fit any device.