Summertime: a time to relax and, for most of us, to travel. Years ago, advertisers used to tell us how easy it was to travel: you only needed your bikini, your toothbrush and, naturally, a good travel agency to set you up anywhere in the world. That might still be true for people but for travelling exhibitions the packing process is a bit more involved. With the closing of the Currency Museum, we had to pack up our newest travelling exhibition In The Money. And believe me, it takes more than a bikini and a toothbrush to put this kid on the road. This exhibition has 10 main interpretive panels, as many wing panels, 6 interactive activity tables, and one light-table complete with 3 computer stations. Two days of intensive work by our Museum technician and ten crates later, In The Money is finally ready to hit the road. As for where it’s going, our travel agent (AKA myself) has placed the exhibition at the Canada Science and Technology Museum from mid-August 2013 until March 2014. From there it’s off to Science North in Sudbury (ON), Niagara Falls (ON), St. Albert (AB), Prince George (BC), Kitchener (ON) and, I hope, many other fantastic cities in Canada.

So stay tuned. In The Money might show up in your neighbourhood!