It was farewell to the Currency Museum as we know it this past Canada Day. Our annual 1 July event was circus-themed this year, featuring children’s games, clowns, balloon sculptures and ice cream. Oddly, the free ice cream proved extremely popular, despite the fact that guests had to at least walk through the museum to get to it. In fact, the galleries were very busy all day as visitors made their leisurely way through the exhibits to the ice cream wagon.

Very busy indeed: 1051 people walked through our doors between 10:00 and 16:30. No doubt we missed a few as our harried reception staff madly clicked away on their little counter unit. Staff was kept busy all day re-filling the punch and iced tea urns (70 litres!) in the Garden Court where the kids were playing ring toss and the clowns were making balloon hats.

Spinning the wheel of fortune won contestants over 600 gift items ranging from fridge magnets to tubes of shredded money. Three hundred kids (and an undisclosed number of adults and staff)
walked away with maple leaves temporarily tattooed on their faces.

Dozens asked about our renovation and re-opening; we were happy to dispel any concerns of a permanent shut down, and to point them in the direction of this blog and our website.

Special thanks and congratulations go out to our museum interpreters/support staff Christi Lyttle and Madeline Burnatowski for planning and organizing the whole event. A roaring success.