We are very excited about this, our museum’s new digital dimension. As the doors close on 2 July for the next three years or so, we are endeavoring to keep them virtually open with a lively flow of reports and updates on the progress of our re-invention. In tandem with the renovation of the Bank of Canada’s Wellington Street building, we are taking the opportunity to re-interpret, re-design, re-write, re-install, re-imagine the Museum in its first mandate-up transformation since 1980.

Look for several blog streams such as general updates on the progress of our re-invention, highlights of choice artifacts, travelling exhibition reports, and blogs from the curatorial and collections department. There will be irregular miscellanies from our designers, interpreters, director and contributors offering insights on the fascinating process of rethinking a museum and then making it happen. Look out for our opening in 2016 but look for us now on the web.

PS. Oh, yes, there will be lots of pretty pictures, too.